Tenosynovectomy is a procedure performed to surgically excise the tendon sheath (a layer of membrane surrounding the tendon). Typically used to treat patients that have developed tenosynovitis, this procedure will reduce joint inflammation and pain if anti-inflammatory medications or compression aren’t successful. Tenosynovectomy can be performed to restore tendon function anywhere in the body.

What to Expect

The patient will likely receive local, general or regional anesthesia before the procedure. During a Tenosynovectomy, the surgeon will open the tendon sheath and examine the injured tendon. This incision will release constriction and allow the tendon to move freely. If necessary, he will remove the tissue surrounding the tendon to remove inflammation.

How to Prepare

Patients will be expected to not eat and limit drink to clear liquids for at least six hours before the procedure. Pre procedure use of medication should be discussed with your primary care physician prior to your scheduled procedure date.